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Horkos (The Gambler)

The oldest Vampire of time is Horkos, after The Dracula. People used to say that Horkos has kept the most valuable abilities in his secret chamber. Nobody ever saw his face; he is always in shadow for a secret reason which is still unknown. Now he wants to give reward by playing a trick in Gambling with you which will transform you from a powerful Vampire to a great one. Meet with him in every 12 hours. He will reward you according to your passage.

Lyssa (The Spinner) 

Lyssa is the greediest Vampire in whole Dynasty. She can mesmerize you with her devilish smile. Don’t let her make yourself to fool by her charm. She has a magical spin which you don’t want to mess with. She takes blood in spite of her greedy nature. She will appear only once in every four hours.

    “I am happy to see your progress. Let’s try your luck. May Lord Dracula bless you! ”

Lyssa, her name explains everything about her disavowing personality. She deranges people with her charm which drives everyone into her to meet again and again. She always appears with her cunning smile wearing a black jacket. People come along with hope but when she gives a curse its worst than anyone’s nightmares.  Although she is even sweeter, she gives a blessing. She is always in graveyard which is probably for her blood curdling nature.

Markus (The Collector)

Markus knows how to deal in the Dynasty. He can find anything according to his speech. He is a man of word. He only deals with Blood. He will get you thing what you will request to him.

The name's Markus, and I can find anything! I can get you what you need… for a price. You want the goods? Then hand over the blood. You gotta get back on time though! This stuff's hot; everyone wants a piece!

Evalona (The Reporter)

Evalona is the smartest Vampire in Dynasty. She has got all the upcoming news of Vampire Dynasty. She belongs to a royal family which once ruled the world. She has all the knowledge which gives her a dynamic personality. Evalona is not just an ordinary Vampire, she is much more than that. Brace yourself to meet with her.

“I have gathered all the knowledge and items for ages. To be updated with the upcoming news, come to pay a visit. My knowledge adroitness is unrevealed which will be revealed very soon.”

Make sure you visit her to check the news everyday and to collect free gifts from her in every 2 hours.

Zollux (The Trader)

A gentle man in the Dynasty who’s actual identity is a trader called by Zollux; literally forget from what age he is doing this work. A man of honor always keeps a smile on face and ready to cracks a deal whenever he is available. Zollux is the one who has got the rarest abilities in his shelf. It’s pretty easy to make a deal with him, because of his simple and clear policy. To help you in the Dynasty, Zollux is the most valuable person.

“Hello there, my pal.What can I do for you buddy? Look around in my shelf; I believe you will get what you are looking for. I have gathered the abilities for my own collection.We can make a deal for abilities. Just pick what you want.”