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How to play ?

To be a part of Dynasty every player must sign up first after that player will be able to enter into Dynasty.

*Level: Level shows the current stats of players which will be increase by gaining experience.

*Exp: Experience is player’s achievements which will be collected by doing missions and other game tasks. It shows how many they have compared to how many they need to reach the next level.

*Energy: Energy is players’ stamina which will be used in missions. A timer will appear next to players’ energy when it's not full showing how long until they earn more.

*Blood: Blood is the most important element for surviving in the Dynasty which will be needed to keep a good number of abilities for doing missions and to keep a healthy life. Earn blood by doing Missions and sometimes also through Fight. A timer will appear next to it showing when their next payload comes in.

*Rage: Rage defines player’s strength which will be used in fight to show players’ power. A timer will appear next to players’ rage when it's not full showing how long until they earn more.

*Health: Health is the key portion of every player’s which will help to survive in the fight to win in Dynasty; this is predominantly for Fight purposes. They cannot fight if their health is below 20. They may replenish health for Blood or Jewel if they’re low, or simply wait for it to refill itself via the timer that appears next to it. If their health reaches 0, it will count as they dying and go on their permanent stats. In the same way, if they expend another character's health to 0, it will count as a kill.

*Jewels: Jewels are the crustal element in Dynasty. By using in certain areas these will lead players on top of the leader board. These may be earned by completing mission tiers, leveling up, or bought with real-life money. Jewels allow players to purchase exclusive extras and abilities that otherwise wouldn't normally be available. It takes a while to earn up a good amount of Jewels, so spend them wisely.

*Skill Point: Skill Points are obtained by completing Missions and leveling up. Each time players level up, they may choose which stats to improve by spending Skill Points. Skill Points will allow them to improve their character's stats as they see fit.

*Clan: Fellow friends or contacts that play Vampire Dynasty can join a clan. Clan members can send gifts to each other and benefit from each other's actions. They will also serve to make each other a more formidable opponent in battle, and can even help with fights and missions. Clan members can send free gifts to 100 members in every 3 hours.

The more Clan members they have, the stronger they'll be in battle. Having Clan members may also increase their blood flow. They may also help each other in combat or with missions at certain times. Each clan may contain Unlimited Clan Members.

*Invite: From here players can invite other people to play Vampire Dynasty and join their Clan. They may also view other Clan Members and manage their invitations and requests from here.

*Gift: Click on the gift box next to an ability to send the adjacent ability to that clan member. This is a very useful way to aid friends who are in need of abilities they no longer need. Ability stats and the quantity which they own can be viewed from this page as well.

*Mission: Missions require Energy and will reward players with Experience Points (EXP) and blood. Certain missions may also reward them with special mission items and/or trophies. There are 10 different mission tiers, increasing in energy, EXP, and blood. Mission requirements may change depending on the level.

*Fight: Fight is a portion of the game where players can fight against other players for increased rank in the game. Fight requires “Rage”- Rage is the type of energy which allows them to fight. They may fight another player once per rage. Fight may provide them with extra blood, experience, and the occasional ability, but it may also deplete their blood if they lose. Health is depleted every time they fight.

Here, a list of Vampires with their name, level, rank, and clan size will be provided. They may click their name to view more detailed stats. They may also choose to fight any of them by clicking “attack” next to their name, or none of them at all. The list will refresh every-so-often. Be warned that Vampires with a large sized clan will be much more difficult to defeat than those with none. They may compare their rank in their stats to those available for fighting to pick the best potential pairing. It's ideal to choose someone whose rank is a little lower than theirs when fighting. Rank holds no value except inner-game player ranking and the ability to purchase a few special abilities in the Shop.

*Abilities: Players can learn and unlearn abilities here. Abilities (Offensive, Defensive and Movement) increase their power in Fight, and help them in completing Missions. Listed abilities often have upkeep costs which will be deducted from their Blood flow every hour. It's important to make sure the upkeep costs are always lower than their income. Their total upkeep costs can be viewed at the top of the page.

*Minions: Minions increase players’ blood flow every hour. They are absolutely essential to maintaining upkeep costs and overall status. They may dominate minions by spending blood in order for them to earn blood for them, or they may release them if they no longer require their services. It's a good idea to keep all their minions, though, seeing as they pay a one-time fee for them and they'll continue to earn blood for them every hourâ€"even when you're not playing. Progressively better minions will be unlocked as they level up.